Mold Testing

Fungal contaminations in your home register their presence mainly in the form of mold. The problem with mold exposure is that the health problems it causes don’t take long to manifest, unlike asbestos. This could also be an advantage because it allows you to clean your environment before it causes irreparable damage to your health. However, at A.L. Home Inspections, we believe that you’re better off with our incredibly efficient and affordable mold testing, which will ensure you avoid exposure to the contaminant.

Care to test your home for mold contamination?


Health Risks
Associated With Mold

Perhaps you are wondering why you display persistent symptoms like:

These symptoms signal that you have an urgent need for mold testing in your home. Our team of experts will help you identify your mold problem.

Our Process

In most cases, mold contamination is visible. So, if you can identify it yourself, why hire us?

  • Our team is well-versed in the types of mold, and can clearly identify which you are dealing with, whether it be the less toxic varieties or the more harmful black mold.
  • Sometimes, the fact that you can’t see mold doesn’t mean your home is free from mold contamination. Our expertise comes in to help you with targeted mold testing procedures to identify if you have mold in your home.
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Why Hire Us?

Do you or your pets have a persistent case of any of the above symptoms? If yes, your home might be in urgent need of mold testing.

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