Radon Testing

Radon is surrounded by many myths, making most people not treat it with the seriousness it commands. Whatever myths you might be caught in, radon is present and can negatively affect many homes like yours. Unfortunately, you cannot smell or taste radon to tell if it’s present in your home or not. It would help if you had appropriate testing measures to safeguard against radon-induced health complications like lung cancer. 

At A.L. Home Inspections, we can help you carry out a complete radon assessment of your home. Through our years of experience in radon investigation, our professional team can help you determine the radon level and install a radon testing and investigation system.

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Benefits of a Radon Assessment

  • It enhances the air quality
  • It regulates the humidity of your home’s interior by reducing the amount of moisture in the air before entering the house.
  • It requires little or no maintenance.
  • Reduces the risk of lung cancer.

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Why Hire Us?

We apply cutting-edge technology to guarantee the accuracy of our radon test. Unlike non-professionals who only care about taking your money, we allow enough time to ensure that the results of our radon test are accurate. We deliver a comprehensive report based on the result of our test. We educate you on the appropriate course of action based on the report.

Want a professional radon test you can rely on to safeguard your home against health challenges?

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